REFOREST Knowledge Hub

Welcome to the REFOREST Knowledge Hub, bringing together knowledge to help you plan, create and manage agroforestry systems and to help increase your understanding of the potential of agroforestry to contribute to carbon sequestration and biodiversity.

From little acorns grow mighty trees… Whether you are just starting out with agroforestry or further along in your learning and understanding, the Hub has been designed to help make existing research as accessible and useful as possible to ultimately help promote the growth of agroforestry across Europe.

It has also been designed to complement research and outputs that come out of the REFOREST Living Labs which will be developing apps and other tools to support practical application of agroforestry. The labs will focus on knowledge exchange in multiple directions, aiming to build communities and the development of good practice for specific geographical areas.

A bit of background…

There is currently fragmented and localised agroforestry knowledge across the EU and a need to enhance existing learning provision and guidelines to support farmers in integrating trees into their farm business models. This requires bringing together the most relevant past and current agroforestry research and resources to highlight what currently exists and what information we still need to know. A database of existing agroforestry resources (i.e. datasets, decision support tools, reports, videos, podcasts and websites) has been collated with each resource evaluated against an overall objective: “Develop a hub for the synthesis and exchange of knowledge between researchers and practitioners on agroforestry design and performance.”

The development of the Knowledge Hub has been led by the Organic Research Centre (ORC) and the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA), with input from the ReForest project consortium and wider international networks.

All content included in the Knowledge Hub is open access (freely available) or permission has been granted by the relevant authors. All Knowledge Hub activities respect/follow the national, EU and international data protection innovation and research laws/regulations as set out in The Directive (EU) 2016/680 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 and the national law on data protection.